We had another great turn out for the May 10, 2011 discussion topic, “Megalithic Anachronisms – Why History as You Know it is Wrong” presented by Jim Patterson.

Jim presented evidence found in ancient megalithic (monolithic stone) architecture that shows ancient man was far more advanced than what we are taught in the history books.

A large number of examples were shared which obviously show that the causal explanations of archaeologists (with no engineering knowledge) fall far short.

  • Constructions containing stones up to 1,000 tons that we’ve only just been able to lift and move within the last 100 years of technology.
  • Stones cut, shaped and finished by the ancients that are so hard we, as modern man, have to use hardened steel and diamond cutting tools to begin to replicate them.
  • Stone joints that are so tight, and stone surfaces that are so flat, they scream “space age precision.”

Thanks to everyone for attending!

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