Wow…we had incredible attendance and participation for our June 14, 2011 discussion group meeting, Experiments in ESP (Telepathy) and Psychometry (Vibroturgy), presented by Janet Rowland!

This LES group discussion was a bit different from past meetings.  The program was divided into two parts; in the first part we learned about Extrasensory Perception (ESP)/Telepathy, then conducted an audience participation experiment.  We had some talented participants with great results!  The experiment was loosely based on the experiments used at Duke University to test for ESP and Telepathy.

In the 2nd half of the program we learned about Psychometry/Vibroturgy, then held an audience participation experiment.  This experiment was based on those conducted at Duke University in Durham, N.C.  Again, we had amazing results from many gifted participants!

Thanks for the full house and everyone’s active involvement!

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