We had another full house for a remarkable presentation on ” Myths, Miracles and Multi-Dimensional Reality: Reclaiming Personal Responsibility; Remembering Our Divine Sovereign Power, presented by Logan McCulloch.

Logan shared so much knowledge with us and drew upon  information drawn from quantum physics, indigenous shamanic traditions and Gnostic teachings related to a model of our multi-dimensional universe proposed by George Kavassilas.  The presentation examined the role of the “Higher Self” (Oversoul, Aumakua, etc.) and higher dimensions in our present experience of third and fourth dimensional reality.  Topics  included concepts such as the role of free will, the purpose of physical reincarnation, super-position, holofractal geometry, and the purpose of duality/polarity in creation.  The audience was invited to consider the innate sovereignty and potential power of the Higher Self, and its many manifested aspects within this Universal Being.  Many insightful questions were posed by the audience, and Logan’s answers provided us all with even more understanding.  Thank you, Logan!!


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