We had a wonderful discussion on Tuesday November 8, 2011!   The topic was,“10 Powers of Dreaming” –presented by Rory Colgan.

Rory presented a film, created by the School of Metaphysics. The film illustrated 10 ways the Subconscious Mind functions.  At this juncture of evolution, as we open the door for intuitive, Spiritual Man, it is important that each one of us uses our inherent resources within our own mind for peace, prosperity, and security, and these 10 functions, like inventing, perceiving, exploration, expression, etc.  in that progression.  Dreaming remains one of the greatest intuitive resources our species has within its grasp, and as we call upon this capability, we will become more intuitive, and more like the influential people documented in the film.

Following the screening of the film, Rory, who is the Director IT of the  School of Metaphysics  in Louisville, led a discussion about dreams and dream interpretation. During that discussion several people shared some of their more fascinating or perplexing dreams. Rory shared his insight and training on dream interpretation but, stressed that the truest interpretation always comes from self reflection.  He also talked about the most common dreams, which coincided with Carl Jung’s research into archetypal dreams across all cultures.

Thanks to Rory for sharing the film and facilitating the wonderful discussion which followed. And, thanks to everyone who joined us in another full house.  We look forward to Rory’s return to LES on December 27  for another presentation!

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