We had a great time Tuesday November 22, 2011 for “Energy, Vibration & the Human Aura” – presented by Lisa McDowell!

All of Life is energy and vibrates at speeds or frequencies from very dense to highly evolved.  The energy that we are is a lot larger than we consciously acknowledge and this ‘field’ can be affected by the thoughts and emotions of ourselves and also others when we allow it!  We focused on what comprises our auric field, what information it shares with us about ourselves and others, and how we can internally affect it.  And….we conducted some fun exercises throughout the evening’s program with interesting results!

Lisa McDowell facilitates the energy of Oneness for all who are awakening to an awareness of their true nature and the higher knowledge that awaits their remembrance.  Lisa offers classes in “Evolving your Intuition”, “Consciously Creating Your Life Experiences”, ”Energy Healing”, “Self Transformation”, “Higher Awareness & Frequency” and “Being Your Path”.  She also works with healing through Reiki, the Oneness Blessing and Journey Within Readings.  With these offerings, Lisa is ever mindful that she is only sharing what she has found to be her ever-evolving truths and offers them to assist the seeker in discerning within themselves their own truth. Lisa can be reached at  mcdo1225@bellsouth.net/ or website  www.journeywithin.us or 502-243-1618.

Thanks so much to Lisa for spending a wonderful and enlightening evening discussing and experimenting with “Energy, Vibration & the Human Aura”!

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