Join us on Tuesday December 27, 2011 for our discussion group topic, “2012 A Journey of Peace” – presented by Rory Colgan.

The New Year typically denotes a hopeful expectation of evolution, of growth, of betterment, and of change that is found within New Year’s Resolutions.  2012 has been described as the end of Time by the Mayans, and has reached our mainstream western culture through the blockbuster 2012 movie released in 2009.  How do these two points coincide?

Esoterically, this year, of all the years that have come before, is a point in Time that is very important to mankind.  Author of The Emptiness Sutra and The Secret Code of Revelation, Dr. Daniel Condron said in his 2012 and Beyond lecture, “We have mastered the complicated; the explosive technology…”

Now is the beginning of the shift towards greater education and technology, but in order to facilitate that shift we have to be willing to change ourselves, so that these shifts can move through us.

What use is free energy if we still hate our neighbors across the tracks or across the ocean?  What use is free and unlimited energy if we complain and are ungrateful for what we have, and who we are?

And so, it comes to be that 2012 is a movement of discovery, but that discovery is almost indistinguishable by sight, for Peace is subtle, and so small that most pass by it without a thought or a glance.  Without its seeds, our evolution will be short and destructive.  With it, the Golden Age will be seen on the horizon by the end of our lives and shine greatly for the future generations.

In this presentation three main ideas will be shared:

1) What peace is, using the Universal Peace Covenant as a source:

2) The power of Peace through Dr. David Hawkins research that was presented in his book Power vs. Force.

3) And, how the ego, the identity of the individual, can be harnessed through three secret keys to create a New Year Resolution worthy of 2012.

Rory will also extend an invitation to read the Universal Peace Covenant and participate in a meditation on New Year’s Eve, location to be announced.

Join us Tuesday, December 27 at 6:30 PM for “2012 A Journey of Peace .”  All sincere seekers are welcome and there is no cost to attend.

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