When we began the Louisville Esoteric Society 3+ years ago, we dreamed of having our own place. What are dreams but thought vibrations – and if the vibrations are strong enough those dreams often become reality. The reality for LES is we now have a place which we are fondly calling LES HQ!

LES HQ is an important step in our evolution; a step that will enable us to include other events in addition to our regularly scheduled bi-monthly presentations. Some examples may include meditation and healing groups, book and video discussion groups, workshops and other special interest groups. We’re also planning some additional social events to nourish and grow the wonderful camaraderie LES members share.

The first social event will be on Wednesday, June 4th as we celebrate LES HQ with an open house. We’ll have refreshments and a brief look-back at where we’ve been the past 3+ years – and, a look to a future filled with possibility. You’ll have an opportunity to look around and become familiar with the new LES home. All are welcome. We think you’re going to love it!!

Come join us at 6:30, Wednesday, June 4th as we pop some corks and celebrate another step in the evolution of LES!

LES HQ is located at:

Suite 328, Bakery Square, 1324 East Washington Street, Louisville, KY 40206

Click here for a map.

Directions to LES HQ can always be found here.

A schedule of upcoming meeting topics can be found here.