Special Interest Group (SIG) – Wednesday October 15, 2014: COSMOS & Camaraderie

Ancient History, Cosmology, Science October 13th, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

NOTE: This group does NOT replace our regularly scheduled 2nd and 4th Wednesday presentation meetings. For more information on SIGs, please check out the SIG link.

This SIG is FREE for all Pre-Paid LES Members! Others are invited to attend for $5 per meeting to help cover the cost of food and drink. All are welcome! (On the menu: Variety of appetizers including baked brie, artichoke dip, cheese and crackers.)

In our fifth COSMOS SIG meeting we’ll travel to Nova Scotia to learn about the Permian world, and to Siberia to learn about the causes of the “Great Dying” – the extinction that was “…the closest life on Earth has ever come to annihilation…9 out of ten of all species of plants and animals died off.” As we learn about the distant past, we come to realize that “we’re a species of amnesiacs  trying to learn who we were and what happened before we awakened.” Once more we’ll learn about some of the people who contributed to our awakening, people like Alfred Wegener and Maria Tharp.

In the second episode we’ll learn about the civilization of Uruk (now Iraq) where the concept of a city was developed; and about the Akkadian Princess, Enheduana, the first person in recorded history to sign her name to a written work. Enheduana dreamed of immortality as did Gilgamesh, whose epic story of heroism has been retold as many of the stories that reside in the Bible. Noah’s Ark is an example of a story first told by Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh,  dreamed of immortality and he lives on today thru his epic writing. We’ll learn about the possibility of real arks that may have delivered life to Earth.  We’ll hear several theories about how life on this planet may have originated – including the possibility that life came to Earth from Mars, Venus or some distant star system. We’ll hear how the Nakhla Meteorite supports that theory. We’ll  see old newsreels from 1946 about Project Diana – when Earth sent its first message into interstellar space. Finally, we’ll consider our current responsibility to ensure that human life continues long after our beloved Earth is no longer habitable.

Because each episode stands on its own with different subject matter, it’s not necessary to see all the episodes to follow the series. But, each episode is packed with information and all episodes are beautifully done and entertaining, so attend all if you can.

Note:  The final episodes COSMOS SIG meetings will take place on Wed., October 15; and Wed., October 29 from 6:00 – 8:30 PM.

We’ll have a greeter at the front door till 6:05. After that, late entrants may call the phone number posted on the door for admittance. Hope to see you there!!

For additional information about the COSMOS SIG, please refer to the the August 5th post announcing the SIG.

“The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be…”

“…we are all star stuffand on a journey to go back to our origin...”  –  Carl Sagan

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