Special Interest Group (SIG) – Wednesday October 29, 2014: COSMOS & Halloween Celebration

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Wednesday, October 29, @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm


NOTE: This group does NOT replace our regularly scheduled 2nd and 4th Wednesday presentation meetings. For more information on SIGs, please check out the SIG link.

This SIG is FREE for all Pre-Paid LES Members! Others are invited to attend for $5 per meeting to help cover the cost of food and drink. All are welcome! (On the menu: Vegetable Soup, Cornbread, Apple Cider and Halloween Treats.) Halloween costumes are optional, but welcome and will certainly add to the fun!!

In our final COSMOS SIG we’ll learn more about the planet Venus. Venus, known as Aphrodite in Greek Mythology, was regarded as the Goddess of Love. Roman mythology also regarded Venus as the Mother of Rome. Venus is sometimes referred to as Earth’s sister.  We know more about Venus than our ancient counterparts and we know that Venus is very different from Earth. In the first episode we’ll learn about some of those differences and how some are attributable to our home planet’s ability breathe. Yes, the Earth does breathe!!

In the second episode we’ll hear about one of the greatest human accomplishments, The Library at Alexandria. Construction began in the 3rd century BC and the Library flourished until 391 AD. So much knowledge that had been carefully gathered over centuries was lost when the Library was destroyed. Some of that knowledge has been rediscovered in the centuries since, but still we  must wonder at what was lost that may never be known again. The final episode includes some new information and  a brief look back at some of the people and topics covered in previous episodes. The series is beautifully and appropriately concluded with Carl Sagan’s “The Pale Blue Dot.”

Because each episode stands on its own with different subject matter, it’s not necessary to see all the episodes to follow the series. But, each episode is packed with information and all episodes are beautifully done and entertaining, so attend all if you can.

Note:  This is the final COSMOS SIG meeting. Hope all of you have enjoyed it!

We’ll have a greeter at the front door till 6:05. After that, late entrants may call the phone number posted on the door for admittance. Hope to see you there!!

For additional information about the COSMOS SIG, please refer to the the August 5th post announcing the SIG.

“The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be…”

“…we are all star stuffand on a journey to go back to our origin...”  –  Carl Sagan

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