Join us Wednesday May 27, 2015 at 6:30 PM for “The Divinity of Numbers and Metaphysics:  A Tool for Discovering Truth”

In this meeting, we’ll continue our study of Philosophy by learning about Pythagoras and his theory about the divinity of numbers.

Pythagoras and his followers proposed that there is a substance in the Cosmos that transcends physical matter and that the structure behind this transcendence is numbers. There’s a great line spoken by Christopher Walken in a movie where he plays the Archangel, Gabriel. We’ve all heard the line before, but Walken’s delivery of it makes it especially memorable, “See you kids. Study ya math. Key to the Universe.” Pythagoreans believed and taught that mathematics, is indeed the key to understanding everything in the Cosmos, including our own existence. They also taught that mathematics is the basis for all harmony and all discord. It is believed that Pythagoras developed or at least formalized the musical scale, using the harmony heard by the human ear as the basis.

What is there? What is reality? Can we know? Do minds actually exist? Are thoughts real? How do we go about answering questions such as those? Pythagoreans believe that Metaphysics is the best tool for discovering the answers. Metaphysics has two branches, ontology and epistemology. Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion. We’ll learn about both methods and how metaphysics can be helpful in our individual search for Truth.

Note:  Don’t be concerned about the reference to math in the description. No math problems will be harmed (or, solved)  in the making of this presentation!! This presentation will lay the groundwork for other Philosophical topics in the future such as Plato’s Search for Truth!

Hope you’ll join us!


All sincere seekers are welcome.  $10 for pay-as-you-go attendees; No charge for LES pre-pay Members.


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