Mark your calendars for next week! We’ve arranged for a new LES public presentation on Wednesday, May 9 at 6:00 PM:  “Dream Analysis” presented by Jill Baker.


Today research and actual experimentation on recording dreams is a topic for many studies. Dreams have been the subject of analyses and research since time began.

Dreams have always been considered messages from other dimensions and certainly arise from the subconscious. Jill’s presentation will include some background on how dreams have been viewed, categorized and analyzed in the past, but will also include a more interesting discussion of dream symbols and dream events and what they may mean to the dreamer.  Do dreams give hints about future events – sometimes referred to as visions or – are they the  wishes and fears of the dreamer playing out in the subconscious? Or, are they simply the left-over energy of an active brain?

Jill is an award winning artist, teacher and author.

Please mark your calendars and plan on attending this meeting which is sure to intrigue.

Jill Baker Artist’s Studio: 211 Daisy Lane, Louisville, KY 40243 E-mail:   Website: Phone: (502) 650-1530 (cell)

Note: A $5 contribution is suggested.


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