Our next Louisville Esoteric Society (LES) meeting will be held Tuesday May 30.  It will be located at one of our regular members’ homes. Seating will be limited and our long-term members are given first right of refusal for the available spots before they are opened to others on our email subscribers list.


Biogeometry and The Qualitative Science of Subtle Energy – presented by Bob Hartye

We, and the physical world we perceive, are part of a much larger Reality which includes multiple levels of subtle energies. These energies which, while undetected by our biological senses, play a central role in the quality of our lives. We are continuously exchanging these energies with each other and our environment. The actions we take, including the technologies we develop and use, have significant effects on this subtle energy field. Many detrimental effects can be avoided, corrected and even transmuted to become beneficial if we become more aware of the connection.

Biogeometry is a science that studies these energies and their effects. It uses tools, both ancient and new, which allow us to detect their presence, their qualities and their effects and how to work with them creatively to benefit all life. Many of these tools utilize resonance with the subtle energies of our own bodies and benefit from the vibrational harmonic connection these energies have with physical matter.

The presentation will start with a brief overview of the background and theory of Biogeometry and then use most of the time for “show and tell” demonstration of the tools and the results of Bob’s experiments with them so far.


At an LES member’s home. Those who successfully RSVP will be given the address prior to the meeting.


Tuesday, May 30, 2023 – Meeting starts at 6:30 PM; Doors open at 5:45 PM
Arrive anytime on/after 5:45 PM for social engagement, adult beverages and light snacks.



For this particular session we currently have eight available seats. This is a free gathering (no charge).

If you are interested in attending please RSVP as soon as possible to Jim Patterson at  jlpatters77@yahoo.com. Do not RSVP unless you are sure you will be attending. RSVPs will be allocated in the order they are received. (This post will be updated to indicate when the seating is full.)


We look forward to seeing everyone!


[ Featured image by Marcin from Pixabay via Pixabay License ]