Join us on Tuesday May 22, 2012 for our meeting topic, The I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditationpresented by Becky Backert.


The two words I AM are the name of God. As Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains:
I discovered while reading James Twyman’s book The Moses Code that the sounds you will be hearing in this CD were the result of some intense research to reproduce the exact sounds associated with the name of God found in the Old Testament, translated from the original Hebrew as I am that I am.
    “It turns out that specific numbers can be assigned to letters.  And the tuning-fork sounds you’ll be meditating to are the exact sounds ascribed to the letters that comprise the Divine name of God.  This has been called the most powerful meditation tool in the history of the world.  I encourage you to become open to the idea that these sounds, when accompanied by your own I am mantra, can and will provide you with the ability to live a wishes fulfilled life.”
Becky will share the CD and facilitate the I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation for the group!  When you use these special sounds for meditation it puts the brain in a theta state which is the relaxed place where you start the I AM manifestation work .  From that place you say our affirmations, i.e. I AM perfect health, etc. – whatever you wish to manifest in your world.  This meditation gives you a very pleasing sense of calm.


Join us Tuesday May 22 for The I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation .    All sincere seekers are welcome.  A $5 donation is suggested.

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