March 23, 2016 – ‘Experiencers’ with John E Mack

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Join us Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 6:30 PM for “Experiencers with John E Mack” presented by John Pickard.

A documentary by Stephane Allix about Alien Abductions features several experiencers who had worked with Dr. John E. Mack Harvard Psychologist who appears only briefly in this film, his death having occurred soon after production began.

More substantial are visits to the New England countryside with experiencers, including one couple who videotaped an unidentified flying object hovering above a lake a few hours before they were abducted from their lakeside cottage. Also in this film, is the New York artist and alien encounter investigator Budd Hopkins.

Although this documentary is similar to other documentaries commonly seen on American cable television, it has a more leisurely pace and gives more time for the experiencers to explain themselves than is commonly granted in US productions. One of the best interviews in the program is not with an experiencer at all, but rather with the husband of an experiencer, who matter-of-factly explains how his family has come to terms with his wife’s experiences.

Experiencers website:

John E. Mack Institute:

John Edward Mack M.D. (October 4, 1929 — September 27, 2004) was an American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.

Mack had a world view inspired by elements of spiritual and philosophical traditions which hold that people are all connected to one another; this theme of “connection” was taken to a controversial extreme in the early 1990s when Mack commenced his decade-plus study of 200 men and women who reported recurrent alien encounter experiences. Such encounters had seen some limited attention from academic figures (R. Leo Sprinkle perhaps being the earliest, in the 1960s). Mack, however, remains probably the most esteemed academic to have studied the subject

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March 9, 2016 – Spirit Photographs

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Join us Wednesday March 9, 2016 at 6:30 PM for “Spirit Photographs” presented by Thomas Freese.

Spirit photographs are photos of unusual anomalies such as orbs or unexplained “mist” or figures not seen in view at the time the picture was taken. Thomas will bring some sample photos and discuss specific spirits that seem to be appearing as well as take questions on the general phenomena of spirit photography. Do only certain types of people or cameras capture ghosts or spirits on film or digital image? How can we interpret the energy or spirits that show up in pictures? Are spirit photographs genuine?

Thomas Freese is the author of 10 books on metaphysical topics. Thomas collects true tales from folks who have encountered ghosts, spirits, angels, faeries, aliens, Bigfoot, and other dimensional creatures. Thomas is also an artist, teaching artist and psychic counselor. Thomas crafts wood wands, pendants, spoons, ornaments and other wonderful jewelry pieces from wood, bone, stone, shell and antler. Thomas is a professional speaker/storyteller performing in schools, libraries and for events throughout the area. He plays guitar and other musical instruments and brings life experiences, humor and insight to audiences from preschool to assisted living. His website is Thomas is a psychic channel reading tarot, palms, past lives and also reading from photographs and objects.

All sincere seekers are welcome.  $10 for pay-as-you-go attendees; No charge for LES pre-pay Members.


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