August 13, 2014 (Wednesday) – The Illusion of Time & Are We Real: Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

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Join the Louisville Esoteric Society on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 6:30 PM for our next meeting:   The Illusion of Time & Are We Real: Missing Pieces of the Puzzle“ presented by John Pickard.

John will be presenting the following videos and discussion:

The Illusion of Time

Time. We waste it, save it, kill it, make it. The world runs on it. Yet ask physicists what time actually is, and the answer might shock you: They have no idea. Even more surprising, the deep sense we have of time passing from present to past may be nothing more than an illusion. How can our understanding of something so familiar be so wrong? In search of answers, Brian Greene takes us on the ultimate time-traveling adventure, hurtling 50 years into the future before stepping into a wormhole to travel back to the past. Along the way, he will reveal a new way of thinking about time in which moments past, present, and future—from the reign of T. Rex to the birth of your great-great-grandchildren—exist all at once. This journey will bring us all the way back to the Big Bang, where physicists think the ultimate secrets of time may be hidden. You’ll never look at your wristwatch the same way again.

What We Still Don’t Know – Are We Real?

The Universe is still a place of mystery and wonder. As a cosmologist, Sir Martin Rees is exhilarated that we can make some progress towards tackling what seem very fundamental questions. Was there a beginning? Are we alone? What’s the future of the cosmos? What is the nature of reality? With each advance, new questions come into sharper focus. The key issue is what we still don’t know. There is a fundamental chasm in our understanding of ourselves, the universe, and everything. To solve this, Sir Martin takes us on a mind-boggling journey through multiple universes to post-biological life. On the way we learn of the disturbing possibility that we could be the product of someone else’s experiment.

All sincere seekers are welcome.  $10 for pay-as-you-go attendees; No charge for LES pre-pay Members.

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July 24, 2012 – Thunderbolts of the Gods – The Electric Universe

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Join us on Tuesday July 24, 2012 for our discussion group topic, Thunderbolts of the Gods – The Electric Universepresented by Bob Hartye.

Conventional cosmology has tried to understand and explain the structure and history of the universe based exclusively on the force of gravity between neutral bodies.  However, most matter in the universe is electrically charged plasma and the electric force between charged bodies is over a trillion-trillion-trillion times larger than the force of gravity.  As a result, many of the new discoveries, made possible by our new observational tools, contradict the existing gravitational model, requiring the fabrication of un-provable phenomena and un-detectible entities to hold onto it.  In contrast, these new discoveries can be readily explained by an electrical model of the universe using principles that have been demonstrated in plasma physics labs for decades.

This video introduces an Electric Model of the Universe and recounts how a renewed effort in this area was given an unexpected assist by mythological accounts of an ancient sky much different than what we observe today.   After the 1 hour video there will be a 15 minute presentation on some of the implications of this new Plasma Cosmology.

Join LES on Tuesday July 24 for “Thunderbolts of the Gods – The Electric Universe.”

All sincere seekers are welcome.  A $5 donation is suggested.

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