March 11, 2014 – Cancelled Due to Illness

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August 14, 2012 – Are There More Than Three Dimensions – Are There Parallel Universes?

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Join us on Tuesday August 14, 2012 for our discussion group topic, Are There More Than Three Dimensions – Are There Parallel Universes?presented by Janet Rowland. We will view two more episodes from the series, “Through The Wormhole“, narrated by Morgan Freeman. These two episodes discuss fascinating theories to universal questions  which have intrigued every thinking person at some time.

Are There More Than 3 Dimensions?: Could there be more ways to travel than back and forth, side to side and up and down? These 3 directions seem to be the only paths we can move in, but cutting edge science now professes there must be more. Unlocking these invisible pathways is the holy grail of science. Physicists believe that the answers to our most burning questions are hidden in these higher dimensions. Now armed with the most ambitious scientific instrument humanity has ever built, the brightest minds of our planet are convinced we are on the verge of unraveling the Universe’s true number of dimensions… and unlocking the secrets hidden inside.

Are There Parallel Universes?: Most scientists believe that you are not really you, but rather, you all. On the edge of space, buried in a black hole, or right on top of you, there could be an exact copy of yourself living a parallel reality. In those parallel worlds, you may be living your wildest dreams, or your worst nightmares. Finding them is no longer restricted to the realm of science fiction. Recent game-changing theories now suggest that if these worlds exist, intelligent life in these alternative worlds could be trying to send us messages. As scientists further unravel this astounding possibility, a new possibility emerges: the fate of our entire universe may depend on these hidden cosmic twins.


Join LES on Tuesday August 14 for “Are There More Than Three Dimensions – Are There Parallel Universes?

All sincere seekers are welcome.  A $5 donation is suggested.

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