Join us on Tuesday January 24 2012 for our discussion group topic, “Our Money System – Unraveling the deception to see how we can make it work for everyone“, presented by Bob Hartye.

Our money system is not what we have been led to believe.  Our government does not create its own money or control its supply.

This power has been taken over by a private banking cartel which is allowed to create all of our money out of thin air through bank loans, lend it at interest, foreclose on the collateral, and determine who gets credit and who doesn’t.  They can advance massive loans to their affiliated corporations and hedge funds, which use the money to raid competitors and foreign economies and to manipulate markets and political systems.  Their primary motive in controlling the money supply is their own profits, not the good of the nation or its people.

This monetary system, based on debt to private banks, has exponential inflation built into it – when banks create the money through loans they create only enough to pay back the principle not the interest.  To find the interest, new loans must continually be taken out, expanding the money supply and inflating prices, an indirect tax on all consumers.  This also creates a culture of scarcity as we compete with each other for the insufficient money available to pay off these loans.

The purpose of this presentation is not only to expose the deception and propose a correction, but also to come to a clear enough understanding of the fundamentals involved that “We don’t get fooled again.”

To find out more about this deception, how it came about and how it can be corrected, please join us Tuesday night January 24 at 6:30 PM for “Our Money System – Unraveling the deception to see how we can make it work for everyone.”  All sincere seekers are welcome and there is no cost to attend.

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