Join us Wednesday September 28, 2016 at 6:30 PM for “Magicians of the Gods” presented by Jim Patterson.

Graham Hancock’s 1996 multi-million bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods remains an astonishing, deeply controversial, wide-ranging investigation of the mysteries of our past and the evidence for Earth’s lost civilization. Twenty years later, Hancock returns with the sequel to his seminal work, Magicians of the Gods, filled with completely new, scientific and archaeological evidence, which has only recently come to light.

The evidence revealed in his latest book continues to support the theory of an advanced civilization that flourished during the Ice Age and was destroyed in the global cataclysms between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago. But there were survivors – known to later cultures by names such as ‘the Sages’, ‘the Magicians’, ‘the Shining Ones’, and ‘the Mystery Teachers of Heaven’. They travelled the world in their great ships doing all in their power to keep the spark of civilization burning. They settled at key locations – Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, Baalbek in the Lebanon, Giza in Egypt, ancient Sumer, Mexico, Peru and across the Pacific where a huge pyramid has recently been discovered in Indonesia. Everywhere they went these ‘Magicians of the Gods’ brought with them the memory of a time when mankind had fallen out of harmony with the universe and paid a heavy price.

Jim will present an overview of the book and the evidence presented within – including what Hancock feels caused the global cataclysms that destroyed those lost antediluvian civilizations. As always, we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A discussion.

All sincere seekers are welcome.  $10 for attendees who are not pre-paid members;  No charge for LES pre-paid Members.

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